Hydrocarbons are everywhere…Light, Heavy, Saturated, Unsaturated, Aromatic, Naphthenic, and Paraffinic in the forms of liquid, solid, and gas. Natural catenation and manipulation by man has created an abundance of variations of these hydrocarbon building blocks from which thousands of products are made that touch our everyday lives.


Those in the business of hydrocarbon manipulation and combining of chemistries to create products face an age-oil dilemma between cost and performance. Often hydrocarbons used in goods are simply fillers, carriers, or a processing aid. In such a case, low price or security of supply can often take precedence over other concerns. Other times performance is the driver and the demands on the hydrocarbon push for tighter and more unique specifications.


Finding the balance and achieving ultimate performance and profitability is where Hydrocarbon Intelligence can help your business.

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